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Blomberg Free Standing CombiI Refrigerator and Built-in Pyrolytic Oven Have Won Plusx Awards
PRESS RELEASE July 28, 2006

Blomberg has won four of the eight awards at 2006 Plus X Awards, which is one of the most prestigious competitions in Europe.

In the home appliances division a total of eight awards were distributed in four categories including innovation, ecology, ease of use and design in the 2006 Plus X Awards in Duesseldorf. The Blomberg combi refrigerator has received “Innovation” and “Ecology” awards while the Blomberg built-in pyrolitic oven was rewarded in “Design” and “Ease of Use” categories.

“Innovation” and “Ecology” Awards to Blomberg KND 1650 X Refrigerator
KND 1650 X provides a unique feature; “hygAIR”, which triples the food durability period by purifying the air circulating in the cooling space, and by eliminating bacteria and odor molecules. The new “hygAIR” technology produces natural negative ions inside the cabinet that captures microorganisms, and eliminates them through the defrost process. KND 1650 X has received “Innovation” award for its ‘hygAIR’ feature and “Ecology” award for its low energy consumption.

All models in the Blomberg refrigeration range have a special silver coating called “hygION” on the interior walls, providing protection against bacteria and algae growth. Furthermore, top of the range Blomberg refrigerators provide full protection against bacteria with “Hygiene+” feature in addition to “hygION” and “hygAIR”. Working in conjunction with the air-cooling systems of our frost free or static models, the photo catalyst carbon filter eliminates all the bacteria potentially present in the refrigerator. These three features ensure high levels of hygiene and permanent protection from bacteria build-up.

Blomberg BEO 1690 X Oven Rewarded in “Design” and “Ease of Use” Categories
Featuring more than 36 stored recipes that can be operated just with one button, Blomberg BEO 1690 X has won “Ease of Use” award. After the weight of the item to be cooked is input, BEO 1690 applies the best combination of heating method thanks to the “auto cook” program. Like in all other Blomberg products, Frog Design, one of the most famous companies in its field, designed the oven, which consequently received the “Design” award.

Having received various Plus X awards in previous years, last year Blomberg was rewarded in the “Innovation” category for its heat-pump dryer while its dishwasher with AC motor won both the “Innovation” and “Design” awards.

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