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Premium Brand Blomberg Adds Value to Enjoyment of Life
PRESS RELEASE July 29, 2006

Blomberg, the premium brand for household appliances, creates new international impulses in the household appliance industry. The brand has launched its new product range internationally with freestanding and also built-in appliances effectively in the year 2004. Since then, Blomberg products have been awarded for their high technical standards and the outstanding design several times.

While paying serious attention for the reduction of energy consumption and high technical standards with its Research & Development department, the renowned frog design studio with its globally famous designer Hartmut Esslinger (Herrenberg/ Germany) has prepared the designs for Blomberg’s new line. The result is innovative technology, excellent quality with stylish design of Blomberg, providing its consumers with the necessary requirements of household chores.

“Innovation” and “Ecology” Awards to Blomberg KND 1650 X Refrigerator
KND 1650 X provides a unique feature; “hygAIR”, which triples the food durability period by purifying the air circulating in the cooling space, and by eliminating bacteria and odor molecules. The new “hygAIR” technology produces natural negative ions inside the cabinet that captures microorganisms, and eliminates them through the defrost process. KND 1650 X has received “Innovation” award for its ‘hygAIR’ feature and “Ecology” award for its low energy consumption.

Blomberg BEO 1690 X Oven Rewarded in “Design” and “Ease of Use” Categories
Featuring more than 36 stored recipes that can be operated just with one button, Blomberg BEO 1690 X has won “Ease of Use” award. After the weight of the item to be cooked is input, BEO 1690 applies the best combination of heating method thanks to the “auto cook” program. Like in all other Blomberg products, Frog Design, one of the most famous companies in its field, designed the oven, which consequently received the “Design” award.

July test results of the German consumer magazine Stiftung Warentest are announced. Blomberg Dishwasher Gets Ahead of Its International Competitors in Performance and Quality
Blomberg, has achieved to receive one of the highest grades in the assessment made by the famous German Consumer Magazine Stiftung Warentest based on the products of the 8 leading dishwasher producers in respect to consumption, performance and quality. Blomberg has been selected as the most multipurpose dishwasher in the test thanks to its nine washing programs. The technological features of Blomberg GIN 1580 XB, which was chosen as the most multipurpose dishwasher in the test such as being silent, and consuming very low amount of energy in its economic program have been decisive.

Along with handling the Blomberg branded dishwasher in the “Our Recommendation” column, the magazine has also particularly mentioned the product’s Mini 30’ Program. While drawing attention to the fact that almost all of the dishwashers are confusing consumers through numerous programs and temperature options, Stiftung Warentest emphasized the solution which is offered by Mini 30’ Program of the Blomberg dishwasher that is used for slightly soiled dishes, kitchenware and glasses. Mini 30’ Program is a practical solution for the users who wish to make frequent and fast washing with its half-hour program at 35 degrees.

Europe's most recommended Dryer, Blomberg
The heat pump dryer of the well known German trademark Blomberg which was acquired by Arçelik A.Ş. in 2002 is selected as the “Best Buy” by “Test Achats/Test-Aankoop”, the periodical publication of Belgium Consumers Association, in June 2006.

Thanks to its “Super A” power consumption level, the dryer with heat pump of Blomberg which is an ambitious brand in design and technology consumes less power of 43% compared with all other C class driers in the market. To pass this test, which is performed periodically by experts on white, goods have become an important success criterion for the brands. In this research at where three individual programs, namely wool fabrics ready to put into wardrobe, wool fabrics ready to iron and synthetic fabrics ready to put into wardrobe are tested, criteria such as program sensitivity, drying period, energy consumption, noise level and safety of the machines are also investigated. Whether the machines offer ease of use for physically handicapped persons is among important issues tested.

Blomberg has been appointed as the B2C Superbrand 2006 in Denmark
While targeting to be one of the major players in household appliances sector, the premium brand Blomberg shares its ultimate experience of more than hundred years not only with its tailor made solutions but also with a stylish design.

In January 2006, on the basis of an analysis, made by Research International among 2100 people, combined with estimations from the Danish B2C Superbrand Council consisting of 18 prominent and acknowledged experts, Blomberg has been chosen to be among one of the strongest B2C brands in Denmark. Only a minor part of the incredibly many consumer brands in Denmark have been taken into this exclusive group.

Blomberg Heat-Pump dryer supported by the review of “Stiftung Warentest”
Supported by the review of ‘Stiftung Warentest’ on July 28, 2005, Blomberg Heat-Pump dryer TKF 1350 S is worthy to buy since its 43% less energy consumption is balancing the purchasing price. Taking into account that energy costs are rising, and environmental protection derives more attention, it becomes sensible to get Blomberg Heat-Pump dryer TKF 1350 S. “Someone who pays extra during the purchasing, saves through operating cost with Heat-Pump over years. With the rising cost of electricity balance looks more favorable.” (

“red dot” design award for Blomberg Logitronic dishwasher
In July 2005, with its outstanding design, Blomberg’s Logitronic Dishwasher GSN 1580 X has received one of the most sought-after design awards worldwide: the red dot. The high design quality label red dot is awarded to Blomberg Logitronic dishwasher expressing innovation in form and function in an exemplary manner. The red dot design award is one of the prestigious international design competitions, awarded annually for superior design achievements, which set new standards in the relevant product categories by the Design Centre North Rhine-Westphalia (Germany).

Three times “Plus X Award” for Blomberg in 2005
In June 2005, Blomberg has received German ‘Plus X Award” three times. In “Design” and “Innovation” categories Blomberg Logitronic dishwasher GSN 1581 X convinced the jury of ‘Top German Marketing Award’ by its extraordinary performance. Its electronic controlled Brushless-DC motor technology is a unique novelty. With its incomparable low level of water consumption, Blomberg Logitronic dishwasher has a real AAA performance.

The Heat-Pump dryer TKF 1350 S merits the award in the category “Innovation” for its outstanding energy efficiency; Super A class. Blomberg Heat-Pump dryer is combination of an appealing design and innovative technology. The Heat-Pump technology transports energy from one environment to another, which allows heating up the environment much more efficiently than conventional electrical heaters.

Innovative Heat-Pump dryer honoured by German Eco-Institute with “EcoTopTen”
The German Eco-Institute, an institute for applied ecology, in cooperation with the Institute for Social-Ecological research (ISOE) selected Blomberg Heat-Pump dryer TKF 1350 S for its research and innovation project “EcoTopTen” in 2005. Blomberg Heat-Pump dryer was worthy to be listed in the ranking due to its top quality, energy-efficiency and eco-friendliness.
Majority of the dryers marketed throughout the world are conventional dryers with C energy efficiency. Blomberg Super A energy rated Heat-Pump dryer TKF 1350 S consumes 45% less energy when compared to these appliances.

“Plus X Award” for Blomberg Logitronic washing machine WAF 1560 S
In November 2004, Blomberg was honoured with ‘Plus X Award’ for household appliances in the “Design” category with its washing machine WAF 1560 S – as the only winner among all applicants!
WAF 1560 S offers 6 kg wash load for the convenience of consumers” needs and comes up with numerous amenities. The appliance provides excellent cleaning results with the most efficient use of energy and water. Being in the A Plus energy class, it consumes 10% less energy than A class washing machines.

Blomberg Awarded with “Energy+ Award” for most energy efficient appliances
Blomberg sphere of competence is energy efficiency to help conserving natural resources. Blomberg got years of experience and therefore a sense for responsibility – for people, society and its environment. For Blomberg’s dedication to environmental sustainability, Blomberg branded refrigerator CT 1300 A was awarded by the European Commission for being “the most energy-efficient refrigerator” at the Energy+ Competition in 2004. Blomberg’s refrigerator reaches the lowest energy consumption level ever attained in Europe. Following this success, Arçelik A.Ş. has been invited to attend the world climate conference in Buenos Aires by Responding to Climate Change (RTCC) and United Nations in December 2004. Arçelik A.Ş. is the first and the only company in Turkey that has ever been invited by RTCC due to its contribution to development and production of energy saving household appliances. Regarding its new program, Blomberg focuses particularly on technology designed to conserve natural resources.

About Blomberg

Blomberg relies on the know-how of one of the biggest household manufacturing company in Europe, Arçelik A.Ş., which has a production capacity of 11 million units per annum, meeting the most compulsory standards (ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 – SGS). Blomberg shares its ultimate experience of more than hundred years not only with its solutions but also with the state-of-art stylish design. This stylish and attractive Blomberg design is characterized by authenticity and timelessness and represents signature elements of the brand.

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