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An Environmentally Careful and Economic Heat-Pump Dryer from Blomberg

                                                                                                                                        July 29, 2005

Award winning Blomberg Heat - Pump Dryer

The Heat-Pump dryer TKF 1350 S merits Plus X Award in the category “Innovation” for its outstanding energy efficiency.
The German Eco-Institute, an institute for applied ecology, in cooperation with the Institute for Social-Ecological research (ISOE) selected Blomberg Heat-Pump dryer TKF 1350 S for its research and innovation project “EcoTopTen” in 2005. Blomberg Heat-Pump dryer was worthy to be listed in the ranking due to its top quality, energy-efficiency and eco-friendliness.

43% less energy consumption
Most dryers sold around the world are conventional dryers, with ‘C’ energy efficiency ratings. Blomberg’s A energy rated Heat-Pump dryer TKF 1350 S consumes 43% less energy, protecting the environment while saving your money and electricity.

The low temperature drying provided only by Heat-Pump technology!
Since the laundry’s average temperature is around 55 °C - almost the half of the temperature of the air used in conventional Air Vented and Condenser dryers – Blomberg branded Heat-Pump dryers are safer and gentler to your laundry than standard dryers. The lower temperature means there is a much lower risk of hot air injury when you open the dryer to put extra items in during the cycle. The cabinet temperature is also much lower, allowing better drying efficiency at lower temperatures in similar program duration.

Supported by the review of “Stiftung Warentest”
Supported by the review of ‘Stiftung Warentest’ on July 28, 2005, Blomberg Heat-Pump dryer TKF 1350 S is worthy to buy since its 43% less energy consumption is balancing the purchasing price. Taking into account that energy costs are rising, and environmental protection derives more attention, it becomes sensible to get Blomberg Heat-Pump dryer TKF 1350 S. “Someone who pays extra during the purchasing, saves through operating cost with Heat-Pump over years. With the rising cost of electricity balance looks more favorable.” (

About Blomberg
Blomberg relies on the know-how of one of the biggest household manufacturing company in Europe, Arçelik A.Ş., which has a production capacity of 11 million units per annum, meeting the most compulsory standards (ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 – SGS). Blomberg shares its ultimate experience of more than hundred years not only with its solutions but also with the state-of-art stylish design. This stylish and attractive Blomberg design is characterized by authenticity and timelessness and represents signature elements of the brand.

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