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Blomberg Built-in and Free Standing Collections Are Offering Appealing Design & Outstanding Functionality

September 9, 2005

While targeting to be one of the major players in household appliances sector, the premium brand Blomberg shares its ultimate experience of more than hundred years not only with its tailor made solutions but also with a stylish design.

Characterized with its exceptional design supported by the new technologies in control, cooking, drying and washing systems, safety and environment care, Blomberg household appliances’ interactive solutions shall be the consumer’s passion ensuring the best possible results that they have ever experienced. Elegance of design is extended to the choice of colors offering aluminum, stainless steel, white-aluminum and white-black solutions fitting to all living areas. Offering a whole family line of products that share common style; Blomberg freestanding and built-in collections give freedom to choose perfect combination of appliances for living areas so that consumers can create perfect harmony at home.

Create your own world with Blomberg

… and experience the technology,
Specially designed to provide the perfect washing result, with the most efficient use of energy and water, Blomberg’s new washing machines are smart, high performing and user-friendly. Recognizing Blomberg development team’s achievement, the washing machine WAF 1560 S won 2004 Plus X Award in the design category.

… and experience the utility,
Perfectly complimenting Blomberg’s washing machines in aesthetics and capacity, Blomberg’s tumble dryers allow you to dry the same amount of laundry as washed in your Blomberg washing machine. Most dryers sold around the world are conventional dryers, with ‘C’ energy efficiency ratings.  Blomberg’s Super A energy rated heat-pump dryer TKF 1350 S consumes 43% less energy, protecting the environment while saving you money and electricity. The heat-pump dryer TKF 1350 S merits the Plus X Award in the category “Innovation” for its outstanding energy efficiency. Furthermore, The German Eco-Institute selected Blomberg heat-pump dryer TKF 1350 S for its research and innovation project “EcoTopTen” in 2005.

Living with trust and beauty

Living with care and brilliance…
Technologically unique systems together with the complementary design will draw all attention over Blomberg dishwasher. However, the user may barely notice because it is so quiet… Blomberg top of the range Logitronic dishwasher with Brushless-DC Motor deliver gentle cleaning and a sparkling finish for more delicate dishes in the upper basket, and performs 60% higher jet pressures in the lower basket for tougher cleaning tasks.
It has an outstanding triple A performance, with its incomparable low level of water consumption, only 9 this litres, dishwasher has a real AAA performance. For its outstanding design Blomberg’s Logitronic Dishwasher GSN 1580 X has received the red dot. This appliance is not only honoured for its design but also for its technological aspect: Innovative Blomberg Logitronic dishwasher GSN 1581 X has been honored with 2005 Plus X Awards in “Innovation” and “Design” categories.

Living with confidence and freshness…
Blomberg cooling appliances offer the accurate and sensitive temperature control ideal for keeping all kind of food fresh for long time. All Blomberg cooling appliances are environmentally friendly and energy saving products. They are either “A” or “A+” rated. For Blomberg’s dedication to environmental sustainability, its refrigerator CT 1300A was awarded by the European Commission for being “the most energy-efficient refrigerator” at the Energy+ Competition in 2004.

Living with elegance and experience…
Blomberg built-in oven line is characterized with its exceptional and stylish design supported by the new technologies in control, cooking system, safety and environment care. Safety is the vital clause for all Blomberg appliances. Steam and microwave ovens use the novelty in technology to better meet the user demands and aspirations. Blomberg let the users be guided by the microwave’s intelligence...

Living with safety and efficiency…
Whatever the cooking type is, the hobs are designed to be easily accessible, quick responsive, stylish, and easy to clean and fit all interiors.

Living with functionality and freedom...
Blomberg extends its stylish design and technological progress to modular domino range for individual kitchen planning.

Living with silence and chic…
The elegance of the Blomberg hoods is concealed behind their sophisticated and harmonic design. The working environment should be smell and grease free, silent and illuminated perfectly to enjoy it. The cleanair system does not only ensure the air circulation and odor-free kitchen but is also kind to environment with a minimum of energy consumption.

About Blomberg
Blomberg relies on the know-how of one of the biggest household manufacturing company in Europe, Arçelik A.Ş., which has a production capacity of 11 million units per annum, meeting the most compulsory standards (ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 – SGS). Blomberg shares its ultimate experience of more than hundred years not only with its solutions but also with the state-of-art stylish design. This stylish and attractive Blomberg design is characterized by authenticity and timelessness and represents signature elements of the brand.

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